Puck lights are popular because they are so versatile! For example, under cabinet puck lights can be used to create pooling light highlighting specific areas on your kitchen countertop. In addition, they are popular illuminating inside display cabinets or even special home decorations. But puck lights can also be used to create broad, even illumination when spaced intermittently, and their compact shape suits them especially well to small spaces.

If you’re not sure how many puck lights you need for your lighting project, just follow our guidelines.

For Under Cabinet Project

We recommend using 1 puck light for every 6-10 inches of cabinet or shelf space. If you’re lighting 11-18 inches of space, use 2-3 puck lights. For 19-26 inches, you’ll need 3-4 puck lights. For 27-34 inches, 4-5 puck lights. For 35-42 inches, 5-7 puck lights. For 43-50 inches, 6-8 puck lights, and so on. Just measure your space and divide it up accordingly!

For Accent or Display Projects

If you’d like to use them to showcase favorite items on shelves, in curio cabinets, or even over your fireplace, you should place a puck light directly above each item.

Please let us know if you have further questions.